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At Raffles, contemporary design takes center stage, defining a new chapter in modern living. Each residence and residences exudes a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, where clean lines and minimalist elegance reign supreme. Picture interiors that are a testament to the art of simplicity, focusing on functionality and form.

Every detail, from the cutting-edge fixtures to the chic furnishings, embodies the essence of contemporary design. The crisp, neutral tones of the spaces create an atmosphere of understated luxury, while the infusion of natural light accentuates the modernity of the design. Stepping into your residence, you'll discover that it's not just a home; it's a celebration of contemporary style where every element is thoughtfully curated, every angle exudes sophistication, and every room reflects the essence of modern living.

Artistic Romance

Yodezeen's Masterful  Design

Step into a realm where design transcends the ordinary and whispers tales of romance and elegance. At Raffles Residences and Penthouses, The Palm, the renowned luxury design studio, Yodezeen, weaves its magic. With an unparalleled ability to meld disparate elements into seamless harmony, Yodezeen infuses each residence with a fusion of modern luxury and artistic allure. Inspired by the timeless grandeur of Raffles, every abode is meticulously crafted to marry modern comfort with the opulence of Art Deco. Each unit is not merely a home but a bespoke masterpiece, where every corner tells a story of love and refinement.

Elegantly Appointed, Gracefully Expressed

In the world of Raffles, every detail radiates luxury and romance. Our bespoke lighting, crafted by the finest artisans, illuminates opulent spaces. Custom kitchens, in collaboration with renowned specialists, offer functionality and extravagance. Designer furniture, curated from the world's finest creators, fills your home with exceptional quality and comfort.

This is where every finish is a dream come true, where luxury reigns supreme.

Contemporary Residences

Discover an abode of ultra-luxury living within Raffles. With expansive views across Dubai and the Arabian Gulf, this 544m² fully-furnished residence offers a sleek contemporary design and purposeful living spaces. It's a dream of opulence realized.

Super Penthouse

Enter the Super Penthouse R1, an architectural masterpiece where luxury and elegance unite in a 77,707-square-foot realm. Designed with Yodezeen, this eight-bedroom oasis spans three levels and a rooftop.

Opulent Villas

Step into a world of technicolor wonder, where ultra-luxury living paints every moment with opulence. In a 753m² fully-furnished residences, a world-renowned design team has created a space that celebrates the spectacular splendor of The Palm Jumeirah.

Royal Suite

From lavish furnishings to exquisite décor, each detail exudes luxury and sophistication. Whether lounging in the living area or enjoying panoramic views from your private balcony, every moment celebrates elegance.

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